See what our land buyers are saying

“We purchased our land 4 1/2 years ago. It was covered with overgrown brush, weeds etc. But we fell in love with the area and the property on first look! Now we have walking paths and friendly neighbors. Shannon made our process quick and painless and we are thankful for all his help in getting us our beautiful new place! We are outside of Parsons.”

— The Francis'

“My wife and I purchased total 24.5 acres from M-land ,and have owned this land for several years now near Decatur, TN. It was easy to purchase from Shannon Smith at M-Land and have not regretted it. Hope to leave a parcel to each of my grandkids upon God calling me home (just hope they don’t get it in the near future). We have been very satisfied with response time to any questions regarding our contract or any specifics about the property. M-land so far has been great and very easy to work with. Thank you and God Bless.”

— Doyle Sapp, Quality Fire Sprinkler Installation, LLC

“Just wanted to say Thank You! For making our retirement dream come true.We have met some great like minded families who have also purchased property from Shannon. This decision to buy 3 years ago was the best thing we’ve done . It has brought our family closer and brought many new friends into our life. We will purchase again when the opportunity presents itself.”

— The Brenner Family

“We have been working with M-land for 5 years and couldn’t be happier. We live in Florida and wanted to move. After looking around found M-land. The process moved smoothly. We are going to be living there full time very soon.They are easy to communicate and easy to work with. Would absolutely buy more property near ours from M-land. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— 2011 Customers from Florida

“We bought land from Shannon Smith at M-Land about 3 years ago. Shannon showed us several pieces that he had at that time. We were looking for a hill with a view that had that country feel but was still near civilization and ended up with 2 tracks in Bowstring, about 7.6 acres a piece. The owner financing made it easy to get the ball rolling. At the time we were in Indiana and had found the land on the internet. We came down and ended up buying 2 tracks that were just what we were looking for. A couple of years ago I transferred to Minnesota. This put us farther away and only allowed us to come once a year to check on things in Tennessee. We had planned to build when I retired in a few years but those plans have changed as I retired early due to a layoff. We have cleared our building spot and will start building in the next few months. We still Love it and have met a lot of the other land owners that were already there.”

— S. Wright

“I bought 2 lots that total 11 acres in all. It was a quick and very pleasant transaction. If you wanted to own land this would be the only people I will buy from in the future.

— Larry Dicus Deer Ridge, Waynesboro, TN

Make Your Dream of Land Ownership a Reality

"I never thought that I would ever own any property. At 50, I thought it was to late in life until I found M-Land online in 2012 and I am glad that I did. Shannon Smith made buying property easy and affordable. Shannon is honest, informative, and helpful. All you have to do is contact him and he will walk you through the simple process. M-Land offers beautiful properties and with the owner financing and low money that you have to pay for the paperwork, you can’t go wrong! Who knows after the first piece of property you might go back to him and buy some more like I did. Thanks M-Land for making it possible.” — F. Garrison

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